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27 April, 2023

FFFACE.ME x FINCH presented a semi-digital clothing collection during Milan Fashion Week 2022

During Milan Fashion Week 2022, Metamarketing agency FFFACE.ME and Ukrainian clothing brand FINCH presented an outstanding collection of semi-digital clothing that seamlessly blended both the physical and virtual worlds.

Milan Fashion Week 2022

The showcase, which took place at the ADI Design Museum, featured both mannequins and models wearing digital printing clothing. Visitors were able to scan QR codes on the items and see the digital clothing designs come to life in AR through the cameras of their phones. The same technology was on offer via iPad’s located throughout the demonstration zone.

Demo zone on MFW 2022 at the ADI Museum

Concept in Context

The concept behind the digital clothes was to bridge the gap between virtual and physical lives. As society increasingly relies on social media to shape opinions, FFFACE.ME and FINCH have created clothes that look spectacular not only in real life but also online.
The AR collection presented a fully-fledged fashion statement on how the future wardrobe should look, where designs are created digitally. By collaborating with seven international digital artists, including 3D makeup creator Ines Alpha , world renowned muralist Waone Interesni Kazki, and Ukrainian fashion designer Snizhana Chernetska.

AR Designs from Wondermilk Studio & Waone Interesni Kazki

Item from the collection FFACE.ME x FINCH

Realization to Reality 

The digital clothing collection featured T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that transformed into lively pulsating artwork through a simple QR code scan.
Not only were the clothes rendered fantastically through AR, but the physical garments were also made of high-quality cotton and were basic wardrobe items such as black or white oversized T-shirts, making them highly adaptable and versatile for any style.
The technology also demonstrated a sustainable solution to humanities over-consumption, where each item from the digital clothing collection is able to receive additional AR layers over time, adjusting to new fashion and AR trends without the need to overbuy physical printed clothing.

The concept of the collection lies in its convenience in the physical world coupled with its ability to attract attention and increase interaction on social media networks, whilst simultaneously taking content to the next level.

Pieces from the collection including work by Snizhana Chernetska

Dmitry Kornilov, co-founder and CEO at FFFACE.ME:
“In modern society, we pay more and more attention to how details in content look, and today the majority of our opinions are based on how you represent yourself on social networks, not in real life. We’ve created digital clothes that look spectacular where we live – online. Therefore, our AR collection is a fully-fledged fashion statement on how the future wardrobe should look, where designs are created digitally.”

Digital clothing design itself and the use of AR technology in the fashion industry is still relatively new, but it is already proving to be a game-changer. The new approach offers an innovative way to showcase fashion, making it more accessible and engaging for consumers.

Visitors to MFW try out AR Clothing by Ines Alpha x FFACE.ME

AR by Ines Alpha at the FFACE.ME Demo space, MFW 2022

Katerina Byakova, FINCH designer:
“With the help of digital clothing design, we can be freer in our creativity, realize what goes beyond the physical capabilities of materials and give our images more meaning. This technology has no limits, so with them, fashion expands its boundaries.”

AR by Snizhana Chernetska x FFACE.ME

Final Thoughts
The semi-digital clothing collection presented at Milan Fashion Week was a glimpse into the future of fashion. It presented a shift towards a more sustainable and meta-tech conscious fashion industry, offering a unique and exciting experience for fashion enthusiasts. As the world continues to embrace the digital age, we can expect to see more innovative and further sustainable advances like this in the fashion industry.

This innovative limited-edition collection is available for purchase on the FINCH website or via the FFFACE.ME Instagram account. For those looking to experience the digital clothing collection in real life, they can try it on, play with different AR filters, and choose their favorites by following FFFACE.ME and FINCH’s Instagram and social media sites for pop-up events or upcoming fashion showcases.

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