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                   Insta, Snap
& TikTok filters to engage
                                  your audience

Insta, Snap
      & TikTok filters
to engage
     your audience

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AR filters
Not so long ago, account holders of various social networks were amazed. Access to the creation of AR filters has opened. This is a new progressive tool that takes business to the next level in communication with customers. But not everyone understands what it is. We are trying to figure it out.
AR filters for social networks
AR filters are meta-content in which "meta" is translated as "before." It can be argued that the filter acts as a template for content creation. There should already be pre-laid visual code, distinctive elements, and some message.
The brand receives the desired recognition and conversion, not from the AR filter itself, but thanks to the so-called User-Generated Content, i.e., user-generated content, with the use of the specified filter. The brand is mentioned in the form of a watermark and all kinds of relevant elements.
Create your own AR filter
To make AR masks, you will need to enter the program. First, you will need to log in or link an account to the social network or create a new one. You can choose anything, but you should remember that when you download an AR mask for social networks, it is tied to the profile from which you entered.
A project selection window will open before you. Here you can make a new one from scratch or choose templates: stickers, 3D posters, disappearing objects, masks, and various AR filters. The sequence of actions is as follows:
1. Add face tracking and mask layer.
2. Adjust the mask.
3. Create a mask in a photo editor.
4. Add animation.
Finally, you can add the background, but first, make templates for the camera to find the face and the background. You can also program 3D effects.
AR filters for Instagram
Augmented reality on Instagram is implemented and created using special software. The peculiarity of this social network is that it enables interactive interaction with the audience — for example, by tracking how much a person blinks, the AR mask allowed playing the Flappy Bird adaptation directly in stories mode, recording videos, and sharing them.
AR filters for TikTok
TikTok AR filters can be used by brands for promotion. You can create face masks, fun distortions, and animated backgrounds for AR games. AR effects for TikTok are diverse, thanks to which you will be able to realize your dances in augmented reality.
AR filters for Snapchat
There is a special AR filter that smoothes the skin, improves the shape of the eyebrows and lips, and makes a person look like the hero of the game. Digital versions of users resemble Sims characters.
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