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Best Fashion Award
2021 Winner: The Best Fashion Innovation
FFFACE.ME works with brands and creators to build beautiful and memorable experiences, whether that’s an Instagram effect or an immersive offline activation.
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FFFACE.ME - the brand which started from creative ideas that allow us to humanize digital resources and bring them closer to society.
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We create your digital outfits for virtual try-on brand experiences, audience engagement, content creation and NFTs
Cyclops Hat
3,1K Impressions
Tesla Sneakers
GUNYA, Ksenia Schnaider, Ruslan
Baginsky, GUZEMA
Augment your physical garment with Digital Design Layer. Develop your next-gen clothing for content creation
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Snizhana Chernetska
29,8K Impressions
706 UGC
Ines Alpha
Denis Rossiev
Berlin Pride
Digital fashion
Acid fur coats, futuristic dresses, neon overalls. This is virtual clothing of the 21st century. Now it is created by designers all over the world. Digital clothes are easy to measure, buy and post your photo in them on social networks. At the same time, it will be possible to save money and resources for the purchase of real things that will quickly end up on a shelf or landfill.
What it is
Digital fashion is ecological, extravagant, and unusual. Digital clothing is in demand not only because of ecology but it is also needed by the modern generation. Digital technologies erase all boundaries. Digital clothes are virtual things that can be "put on" for photos on social networks.
Digital fashion for self-expression
How does virtual clothing work? The user sends a photo of himself in tight-fitting clothes, and a specialist "dresses" him in digital clothes with the help of computer graphics. In virtual reality, you can create whimsical collections and combine the texture of familiar fabrics with futuristic ones:
- digital fur;
- dragon skin inserts;
- metalized fabric.
A great way to express yourself is to dress up in unusual outfits that do not exist in reality. Virtual clothes are ecological, stylish, and unique and do not take up space in the house. Not a wardrobe, but a dream of a modern consumer!
Digital clothing in Internet profiles
If you need an attractive Instagram post, you no longer need to buy the real thing, and waste time and money. Digital clothing in a social network account provides an opportunity to share a new experience of self-perception and interaction with the surrounding world and people. This is a chance to show your inner world without harming the environment.
How to attract attention to your page, interest followers, and encourage them to sincere likes? Use virtual clothes from fantastic and non-existent materials and textures. Look cosmic, as if you put on a futuristic outfit and took a photo in it in your house or in central park.
How to create digital clothing in FFFACE
First of all, a photo with high-quality lighting and a suitable pose is selected, the person must be in tight-fitting clothes so that the digital clothes fit well on the figure. Based on the photos, a digital avatar is created: a 3D mannequin inside the program. It is then made movable so that things look beautiful and spectacular. Next is the modeling of digital clothing, it must be "tried on" on a model. In the finale, the lighting and texture are refined, after which the file is ready.
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