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An All-Inclusive FAQ Guide
How do AI-generated content and CGI help brands?
Al Design and CGI instruments allow the creation of content that stands out from the usual camera-based feed. Users share unusual content to receive reactions from their followers.
Since relevant content resonates with the brand’s target audience, it helps build the brand’s image and stay on-brand.
Why is 3D Modeling crucial for the brand?
Realistic 3D models create visually stunning representations of your products or concepts, grabbing attention and leaving a memorable impression on your audience. With 3D modeling, brands can showcase their entire product range without physical samples. Customers can explore various designs, colors, and sizes, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing engagement with your brand.
What is a Virtual Human?
A virtual Human is a computer-generated character or avatar that exists exclusively online. Created using advanced computer graphics and artificial intelligence, these digital personas often possess realistic human features and unique personalities. They maintain their own social media presence, interacting with followers and sharing content like real-life influencers.
What are the benefits of AI-generated content and CGI?
We create next-level 3D and AI designs for all purposes. It can be used across various platforms and mediums, including websites, social media, advertisements, and product presentations, offering versatility in your branding efforts. With AI-generated content and Computer-generated imagery, you have the freedom to create anything you can imagine, without the limitations of physical constraints or logistics.
What is a unique feature of 3D modeling?
3D modeling allows your brand to showcase intricate details and features of your products that may not be easily conveyed through traditional 2D images or descriptions. It can be used across various platforms and mediums, from websites and social media to advertisements and product presentations, offering versatility in your marketing efforts.
What are the key advantages of Virtual Humans?
Virtual influencers have unlimited opportunities for integration because the physical body does not limit them. They can fly, sing, live their normal life, speak 200 languages, and change their body shape within 1 second. They can collaborate with brands and other media. No matter what they do, it always looks immersive. By introducing their own Virtual Humans, brands can control the content and storyline. It helps brands generate reach and conversions by creating affiliate posts and pages like real influencers in photo and video formats.
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