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25 April, 2023

This surrealistic AR Nails is going viral. And yes, it is fully digital

Nail artist Chummy Nails, XR & WEB3 Product House FFFACE.ME, and AR artist Wondermilk are the creators behind the pulsating AR Nails Meta-manicure that went viral on Snapchat. Collecting 2.7 million views in a couple of weeks, it illustrates the new beauty reality where nail artists create designs only for our digital personas using AR and VR technologies.

“It became viral because the border between real and digital has vanished. You may like Grimes’, Juan Alvear’s, or Cyshimi’s whimsical nail art, but have you seen it in real life? Probably not. Today, we’re experiencing other people’s self-expression mainly through social media content. So why not use AR Nails as a tool for digital self-expression? After all, our digital persona’s image is becoming as important as the real one”, – comments Dmitry Kornilov, FFFACE.ME CEO and Co-Founder.

Chummy Nails (Oksana Zavora), a Berlin-based nail artist who previously worked with Rosalia, VOGUE, HIGHSNOBIETY, and I_D. together with neo-beauty artist Wondermilk (Kseniya Lozitska) and Best Fashion Award winner FFFACE.ME, which constantly experiments with digital fashion, AR, and metaverse experiences, have collaborated to create 6 nail designs for beauty content creation. According to the artists, this AR Manicure concept encapsulates the nearest Future of the Beauty Industry, where self-expression will mainly take place in a digital world through XR glasses and AR filters.

“In the nearest future, we will see each other through XR glasses and lenses, and apart from physical appearance, we will also see the layer of digital dress and body design, including AR Nails. In other words, there will be no need to physically put on manicures or makeup, making it more sustainable and various. Nail design will not be a part of the beauty industry. It will become a way of digital self-expression regardless of sex and age. In turn, all physical beauty products will be aimed at making people healthier and will not change how they look”, – comments Dmitry Kornilov, FFFACE.ME CEO and Co-Founder. FFFACE.ME Nails, in collaboration with Chummy.nails & 💅🏻 A fully digital version with a secret mode is available in @FFFACE_me Snapchat, via the link in bio #AR #socialar #augmentedreality #brandmanagement #marketingcampaigns #socialmediamarketing #share #digitalclothing #arfilter ♬ Air War - Crystal Castles FFFACE.ME Nails Blue💙 A fully digital version with a secret mode is available in FFFACE.ME Snapchat. #armanicure #nails #manicure #trend ♬ оригінальний звук - FFFACE - AR FILTERS

Try on AR Nails:

Pink design:

Magic design:

Meta design:

Green design:

Blue design:

Chummy Nails (Oksana Zavora) – Berlin-based nail artist. Worked with Rosalia, HIGHSNOBIETY, I_D, VOGUE, ELLE, Mercedes Benz, and Samsung.

Wondermilk (Kseniya Lozitska) – Ukrainian AR creator and neo beauty artist specializing in digital makeup and beauty filters, including AR Nails. Worked with L’Oreal, Maybelline, MAC.

FFFACE.ME is an award-winning XR & WEB3 Product House that creates augmented reality filters, digital clothing, virtual influencers, and Metaverse projects, incorporating AR Nails into their innovative designs. The company is well-known for its previous work with Meta, Visa, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Maybelline, Esquire, Pepsi, Puma, Adidas, and Porsche.

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