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5 August, 2022

How can Instagram filters increase sales and get 1000% ROI?

by Anna Nikoliuk, FFFACE.ME Producer

The question that worries a marketer when he plans to implement a new marketing tool is whether it will affect the product's sales. Can the Instagram filter sell? Yes, if it is integrated into the sales funnel.

In this article, Anna Nikoliuk producer FFFACE.ME studio will tell you how to use Instagram filters in case of promotional activities and get the maximum ROI.

From a promo perspective, the Instagram filter is the entry point to creating UGC content. For example, while brands used to run photo contests/flash mobs where users could upload their photos to social networks, now they just have to use the Instagram filter. An essential point of any consumer promotion is that the user must leave his contact to participate in the promotional activity, which will be used in sales in the future.

Few people thought users could leave their data in activities with Instagram filters. Of course, under a critical condition – tagging your brand account in a story with an Instagram filter. After the user does it, you automatically receive a notification. From a psychological point of view, this means that he is not only ready to interact with your brand but even to take further actions that you suggest to him. You can use a sales funnel as soon as you receive the consumer’s contact.

To get a conversion from users, the brand needs to psychologically create the illusion of “lost profit” — to offer a discount or a “trap product” in direct messages. That is a free product or a product whose cost is close to free compared to those the user can purchase. Usually, after receiving it, the user will notice some other product relevant to him in an offline or online store and buy it on his own. Such a sales funnel 100% measurable.

If you own an offline shop/service, you must send the coupon directly to the user in the image format .png, .jpeg with a unique serial number or a QR code. Thanks to this, you can track that this particular user came to you from Instagram. In the case of an app, there is a more sophisticated way – to send a unique link with a discount activated only in your branded app. In this way, you will not only generate sales within the application but also increase the number of its downloads.

For example, in the Luxoptica case, we generated 700 promo participants, 400 of which reached offline points of sale and made purchases of $17,500. On average, each customer’s check was $50. And the return on investment (ROI) was over 1,000%.


Instagram filters can be an effective tool for generating sales. With their help, users create brand awareness and enter into personalized communication. So you can convert them into customers and get a guaranteed profit.

It is necessary to select a “trap product” so that the consumer feels “lost profit.

This activity is suitable for both offline and online. You can generate sales in the application, on the website, and directly in the store.

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