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5 August, 2022

Case study: PEPSI AR merch

by Dmitry Kornilov, CEO, and co-founder of FFFACE.ME studio

Before launching its activities, Pepsi announced its Pepsi Best Friend influencer club, which aimed to create a community of brand lawyers who will promote the brand in a creative, innovative manner and create content with non-standard product integration on Instagram and TikTok. But how to surprise people who are accustomed to constant gifts from brands? So, we had to activate influencers with a gift that would surprise them and inspire them to create content.

 In addition, we found that product content had less engagement than non-standard, so the second goal was to increase engagement with the brand’s Instagram page content.


We have created a limited-edition collection of 40 augmented reality t-shirts, which are activated using an Instagram filter from Pepsi’s Instagram profile:

During the special event, brand lawyers received these T-shirts and “instructions” on how to create content and engage the audience using the Instagram filter.

In parallel, the brand’s Instagram account announced a contest to create content with an Instagram filter and the opportunity to win an augmented reality T-shirt.

In addition, the T-shirts were presented free of charge at Ukrainian Fashion Week in the area of ​​the Finch fashion brand, which was the manufacturer of the merch collection. Due to this, merch from Pepsi was integrated into the press release and subsequent publications in the press (Buro247, MMR, MarieClaire,,

In this way, all possible distribution methods were connected – through opinion leaders, the press, in the largest place of accumulation of CA offline, through User Generated Content and Owned Media.



125 000
press coverage

300 000
coverage in social networks of the brand

500 000
coverage of influencers in social networks

200 000
Instagram filter coverage

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