Snap Consumer AR
Netherlands Report 2021
The following report is a deep dive into how Snapchatters are using AR in the Netherlands based on the Snap Consumer AR Global Report. For a more comprehensive market view, please read the Snap Consumer AR Global Report.
Key Takeaways
AR adoption is tracking with the mobile usage boom - by 2025, over 60% of the Netherland’s population and almost all people who use social / communication apps will be fre- quent AR users.
72% of people successfully identify AR when they see it, but when talking about it, they have a hard time defining or describing what it is.
68% of Snapchatters in the Netherlands and across generations use AR to have fun; the majority are discovering AR through social / communications apps.
AR is generally seen as a “toy”, but 76% of people expect and desire to use it as a practical “tool” in their everyday lives.
Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate.
"There is something really unique happening right now – an incredible number of hobbyists and professionals are using AR. Downloading tools across the Snap AR platform. They’re taking time to learn, they’re curious."

Eitan Pilipski
SVP Camera Platform Snap Inc
AR is growing

By 2025, nearly 60% of the Netherland’s population* and almost all people who use social / communication apps will be frequent AR users.
Younger generations and Snapchatters are driving AR growth
Age Differences
Younger people are 66% more likely to use AR
and they are 35% more likely to believe AR is important
in their lives.
But, AR is not just for Gen Z;
Millennials and Gen X show the highest affinity for AR.
Snapchatters are 2.5x as likely to use AR frequently compared to Non-Snapchatters.

Almost 60% of Snapchatters believe AR is important to their lives.
"As AR evolves, it will revolutionize our lives and as the web or mobile was to society, changing how we view and interact with the world around us."

Allan Cook
Digital Reality Business Leader Deloitte Digital
AR’s Impact on Brands

A lot of people are using AR to make purchase decisions... and plan to keep doing so

100 million consumers
shopping with AR online and in-stores.
of Snapchatters agree they’ll use AR the same or more when shopping next year.

AR captures consumer attention

AR delivers almost 2x the levels of visual attention compared to their non-AR equivalent,

leading to improved memories and more powerful responses from consumers.

Snapchatters who frequently use AR with their family and friends are 87% more likely to pay attention to a brand.

Brands and people connect better with AR experiences
Brands are 30%
more likely to be considered if they have a branded AR experience.
Snapchatters are 57% more likely than Non-Snapchatters to share a brand’s AR experience with friends and family.
AR builds consumer confidence
of Snapchatter shoppers agree that AR gives them more confidence aboutproduct quality.
Over half
of people want to use AR technology to assess products, allowing for a risk free, “try-before you buy”, experience.
The results are in
AR interactions drive conversion

"The conversion rates that we’ve seen have surprised us, as a result we’re doubling-down on AR experiences to drive eCommerce."
Robert Triefus
EVP of Brand & Customer Engagement Gucci
AR connections drive revenue
Consumers who interact with a brand’s AR experience are...
more likely to share the experience with family and friends
more likely to purchase products from the brand
Snapchatters are 90% more likely than NonSnapchatters to use AR to connect with others

Snapchatters share AR photos and videos with friends and/or family 94% more than Non-Snapchatters.
AR is Evolving Fast
Over 8 Million AR photos and / or videos are taken daily by consumers

AR use will grow with an increase in awareness and access to AR experiences and content.
On Snapchat, there are 500 million minutes of AR playtime per day on average.
AR is Here Today and Here to Stay
Where do Snapchatters use AR most today?
How are Snapchatters learning about AR?
learn about AR from social / communication channels and networking.

Snapchatters who use AR frequently are more likely to have over 40% of their friends and family using AR.
Snapchatters are almost 33% more likely to discover AR through social media, communication, and camera apps than Non Snapchatters.
Why do they use AR?
What are Snapchatters using AR for, today?

Snapchatters frequently use AR for communication (+90%) and gaming (+72%) more than Non-Snapchatters.
What are Snapchatter shoppers using AR for, today?
What are Snapchatter shoppers using AR for, today?
AR is a natural extension of the shopping experience, aiding in decision making
Shopping and browsing is the main way shoppers discover AR, with 37% discovering that way
74% of shoppers are likely to use AR when they come across it
40% help shoppers decide what to buy
Almost 3 in 4 Snapchatters believe that AR will be even more important in their lives in the next 5 years.

Next year, Snapchatters plan on using AR more in 4 key growth areas.
Utility is a primary driver for Snapchatters’ future AR usage
Consumers are becoming creators

Everyday consumers have more access to technology tools that enable them to be creators of digital content.

AR is a creative vehicle

believe AR allows them to be more creative.
believe they are AR creators in their everyday lives.

Snapchatters are 1.6x as likely to be AR creators.

Consumers continuously expect more personalized and engaging experiences that enable them to interact with
the world. AR is delivering that to consumers, today, but there remains untapped potential for so much more.

Brands know the consumer appetite for AR is already here – consumers are far more likely to pay attention to brands using AR. There is a content imperative for brands to meet consumers AR demand, and now is the time to meet this demand. Brands that meet the demand for AR experiences may be more likely to gain market share in the future.

The convergence of use cases and the networking effects is expediting AR adoption. But to unlock AR’s potential, brands, developers, and platforms need to work together to accelerate content development and grow the AR ecosystem.
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